Tuesday, July 4, 2017

In Lima ...

I’m in Lima and, oddly for mid-winter, the sun is shining this afternoon.  Taking advantage of that, after lunching at my uncle’s house, for my first outing of this trip, I walked the few blocks over to Plaza San José, the main plaza of the Lima district of Jesus Maria, and made my way to Heladería Palermo.

Palermo is one of Lima’s most venerable ice-creameries. It’s been there since the 1950s, and in it’s heyday of the 1950s to 1970s people would come from all over Lima for a cone during the summers.
I remember having to stand in a line that went out the door on a hot afternoon the first time my parents took me there.  Back then the ice cream was made on-site –the machinery was visible behind the counters- using seasonal fruits.

I don’t think that it is still made there, but it might be.  The back part is now blocked from view, and I forgot to ask.  The ice-cream, however, still as good as ever, with native fruit flavors such a camu-camu, aguaymanto, guanábana, lúcuma, and maracuyá.

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