Monday, July 4, 2016

La Casa restaurant

On one of my first days here, Jose --who was in need of company for lunch-- came and rescued me from having lunch alone myself, and took me to a new restaurant opened by a friend of his.

La Casa ("The House"), located in San Isidro district, is still in its soft opening phase, but it is well on its way.  The food is solidly prepared --the conchas a la parmesana were some of the best I've ha, and the carapuclcra, which is made from freeze-dried potatoes, was very flavorful and smoky, showing that the cook knew how to prepare it in the highland way, by toasting the dried potato before rehydrating it.

Our only criticisms were of the wait staff and the decor.  Our waiter forgot to mention the specials, and when asked about them he was rather perfunctory.  With training that is something that can be fixed.

As for the decor, it isn't so much a criticism, but rather noting of a missed opportunity.  While La Casa is welcoming enough, if they had played up the house theme a bit more by, for example, mixing up furniture, with a few couches or arm chairs, "family" photos, lamps, etc., they could have made the place a bit more of an experience.  I have no doubt that they'll do fine in pulling the lunch crowds, but I think they've potentially missed the opportunity to make the place a nighttime destination spot.

In any case the food and drinks are worth visiting the place.

Conchas a la parmesana

Tequenos de lomo (won ton skins with beef filling)

Escabeche de pescado


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