Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Looking ahead ...

The tickets are bought --well, at least mine are-- and I'm starting to really look forward to being in Lima again.

Naturally, that brings up the question of what to do in my time there.  Of course there are some housekeeping and financial issues to take care of, but those will occupy a minimum of the time, so what to do with the rest?

Granted, most of the time I will be simply living and doing what that entails in Lima: going to market in the morning for lunch, meeting relatives lunch, seeing people in the evenings after they get home from work, getting together for Sunday lunch, playing with the nephews and nieces, house chores, and so on.  

I think I'll spend the next few weeks thinking up an emphasis for this trip.

Some ideas:
  •  continue to explore the craft beer scene;
  • visit some museums I've missed in the past;
  • visit some of Lima's more than 370 pre-Columbian archaeological sites;
  • having eaten at Central, Astrid & Gaston, and Malabar, currently rated Latin America's #1,  #3 and #20 top restaurants, to now eat at Maido and at La Mar, currently Latin America's #5 and #12--which would mean having dined at Peru's top 5;
  • ...