Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Day Lunch

On New Year's Day we gathered ourselves up and headed to lunch at one of the few types of establishments that would be open on that day: a cebicheria.

Cebiche is one of those dishes that is considered a curative for hangovers and other effects of a "bad night", so naturally, cebicherias expect to do a booming business on any weekend, and specially on days following party-heavy holidays.

Jose called around for reservations, looking for one "not too far away" --from his home, of course!-- got us a table for 10 at El Pez On in Miraflores.

El Pez On is a Lima chain of seafood restaurants. Their calling card is the humor expressed in the signs and cartoons that cover the walls and tables, and in the menu names. Even the restaurant's name is a pun, as Pez On (pez means "fish") is homophonic with pezón ("nipple" or "teat").

The food, for its part, holds its own with any cebicheria in town.  Even if it doesn't exactly "wow" you, you wouldn't likely walk away disappointed -- I certainly didn't hear anyone complaining as they tucked into their dishes of cebiche, seafood risotto, or noodles!

Fish cebiche

Now, my own stomach did do a bit of a somersault after the first few bites of that cebiche, but I expect it was it reacting to the raw fish and acid after being mistreated the night before with beer, wine, rum, and some alcohol in which nectarines had been macerated.  Nonetheless, I did find room for a fish saltado, and even some dessert!

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