Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekend in Chaclacayo

On Friday, almost the entire family headed to the town of Chaclacayo, 27 kilometers east of Lima on the Central Highway.   One of a strinng of small towns and cities along the lower reaches of the Rimac Valley, Chaclacayo was, until recently, a largely semi-rural community and, due to its proximity to Lima and drier, warmer climate, the site of numerous vacation homes for wealthier limenos and of country clubs.

In fact, most of memories of Chaclacayo are tied up with the Huampani country club, due to a number of school day trips there in the 1970s and occasional visits, including one multi-night stay, thanks to my mom's being a teacher and the military government then in power having turned Huampani over to the state teachers' union.

This time around,  Jose and Willy located a large house in a secluded gated neighborhood, which we rented for the weekend.  With nine bedrooms plus a TV room, a barbecue grill, swimming pool, and a kitchen appointed with  the basics, it fit all twenty-nine of us nicely, and we spent a leisurely weekend chatting, joking, eating grilled meats and vegetables, and playing in the pool.

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