Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lunch at Amaz


On Monday afternoon we took ourselves to lunch at Amaz, chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's newest restaurant.  At Malabar Schiaffino started exploring the ingredients and flavor of the Peruvian Amazon.  Amaz is wholly dedicated to them.

The restaurant is divided into two spaces --a lighter, open, and colorful entrance-level given over to the bar and informal seating and walk-in diners, and a second, more dimly-lit space with booths and a more sedate, private mood, which is dedicated to those diners with reservations.

We started our meal with drinks and couple of appetizers that Liz and I had tried on our previous visit and had thought that the kids would enjoy.

Clockwise, from top L:  A cocktail, whose name I forget; camu-camu juice;
yuca empanadas with a brazil nut and huacatay hot sauce; giant river snails (churos).

Those were followed by a series of dishes, served family style (all of Amaz dishes are meant for sharing); one dish chosen by each of us.

Duck stew

Patarashca of  -- seasoned dorado catfish grilled in bijao leaves

A pago of doncella fish with onions, sweet peppers, and hearts of chonta palm, cooked in masato

At rear: grilled cecina (smoked peccary meat) over mashed plantain;
Foreground: Fried rice with cecina

Mixed pickled fruits and vegetables

Pickled hot peppers

As expected, it was a great meal, and Nicolas even declared it one of the best he'd ever enjoyed.

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