Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lunch on a Stone Table

Yesterday Liz and I headed out with Willy and Elba on a day trip to the Lurín Valley, which lies just over the hill from the bulk of the Lima metropolitan area. In fact, the valley's Cieneguilla area is the only district in the metro area that is not completely urbanized, and some farming and open areas are still to be found there.

Cieneguilla is a favored weekend get-away destination for limeños -such as our party- wishing to get away from the city's hustle-and-bustle and in search for a bit of country atmosphere.  Though our destination was further up the valley, in the nearby province of Huarichirí, we decided to make a stop in Cieneguilla for lunch.

We chose to eat at a restaurant called Mesa de Piedra, which means "stone table", in reference to the tables being made from large stone slabs gathered from the surrounding hillsides.

Mesa de Piedra holds some memories for us, as it was the locale for one our first large family gatherings, one of our last while Mama Pali was still alive, and one of the few that pulled in even some our more geographically remote cousins.

Fried crayfish, with toasted corn
Grilled guinea pig

Grilled rabbit
Our meal was quite good, and very pleasant in the country quiet, surrounded by birdsong (mercifully, the restaurant staff had not turned on any music).

Thus fortified, we were ready to continue on our journey....

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