Monday, July 28, 2014

Craft Beer in Barranco

 On Wednesday Jacho and I returned, accompanied this time by Diego, to a spot that we had earlier checked out with Liz while she was still here: the Barranco Beer Company.

Located in downtown Barranco, a half a block from the plaza and the "boulevard" containing the bulk of dance clubs, the Barranco Beer Company was started judging from the press reports I've seen, by a trio of enterprising friends by the members of "a family with a passion for beer". A couple of them, or perhaps all three more several, had spent time abroad and been exposed to the growing craft beer scene in the US and Europe.

They somehow raised the capital and put in a set of (60 barrel?) stainless steel conical fermenters which are visible to visitors at the back of the establishment through  a plate glass divider, while the brew kettles are visible behind the bar itself.

The Barranco Beer Company is, as far as I can tell, the second brew-on-premised beer pub in Lima - after the Cerverceria De Tomas (aka Mi Cebi-Chela) in San Borja.

From L to R: Fifti Lager, Bulls Ay, Weiss Presidente

Their bill does lack a heftier, toastier beer like a porter or stout, and they do do some odd stuff - like combining beer with soda- which is unfortunate because their beer is actually quite good on its own merits, with the "Weiss Presidente" and the "Bulls Ay" being perhaps their best offerings.

Even with the beer being relatively expensive compared to what a similar serving of the mass-produced beers cost, the place is a hit and did not lack for business either night that we were there.

A pitcher of Weiss Presidente
I'd certainly keep coming back just for that weiss!

Barranco Beer Company
Avenida Grau 308
Barranco - Lima - Peru


Unknown said...

Hey Juancho, thanks for including us in your blog!

We are glad you got to see our place and what we do.
I was wondering if you got to try our Dunkelweizen beer, El Duque. It's our darkest beer, and it does look like a stout in terms of color, but it's ligher and more refreshing.
We are definitely planning on introducing new styles and more hoppiness for sure!

About the radler (Germany) or shandy (UK), lager with sprite), we didn't offer it at the beginning but people seem to enjoy it quite a lot, especially people that are starting to try new beers. We think it's a safe start for beer "newbies".

And, I think the 3 entreprising friends you might be referring to are Cervecería Barbarian. Definitely recommended if you are still in Lima.
In Barranco Beer Company we are the members of a family with a passion for beer :)

Thanks again for the nice comments and cool pics.
Cheers and safe travels !

Sara (assistant manager)

Juancho said...

Hi Sara.

I did try all the beers you had on tap, including the Dunkel. I liked it, but it is lighter, of course, than a porter or stout. I think that there are enough malty, full-bodied beers on the market in Peru -between the maltas and some of the cervezas negras- that a stout or porter would go over well. At least as a seasonal, winter ale.

Anyway, keep up the great brewing!