Saturday, June 28, 2014

Algarrobo restaurant in Chorrillos

Mr Leon (at L), and Toño (at R)
On Friday, Toño picked us up and drove us to Chorrillos, a suburb of Lima just past Barranco, and at the foot of the Morro Solar, the large promontory that sticks out into the ocean at the south end of the Bay of Lima. Our destination was Algarrobo, a northern cuisine (specifically from Trujillo) restaurant started a month ago by a friend of Toño's, Mr. Oswaldo Leon.

The restaurant is a modest place, with about 8 tables in a single storefront space, presided over by Mr Leon, who -while he does not himself cook most of the time- makes sure that every dish that is served meets his expectations in terms of taste and presentation.

The food itself is quite good and, as is typical of the northern cusine, hearty even though the portions are not overly large.  Basically, just the thing that workers looking for a satisfying lunch would want, and it is no surprise that there was no time while we were there when ours was the only table filled.

It is a bit far for a return trip or for it to become a regular stop, but is well-worth seeking out if one happens to find oneself in Chorrillos.  (Unfortunately, I cannot recall the address, but I am sure that they will soon have an internet presence -everyone seems to these days!)

Seco de cabrito (goat stew), with tacu-tacu (a seasoned mix of rice and beans)
Seco de cabrito with rice and beans.
Tiradito tricolor - a cebiche in three hues

POSTSCRIPT:  I have since learned the address for this restaurant:

Algarrobo Restaurante
Avenida el Sol 1461
Telf: 2482038

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