Tuesday, July 2, 2013


On  our second day in Piura we took a mototaxi ride  into Mancora.

Mancora is a fishing village that has turned into a tourist destination thanks to the nearby beaches and surfing spots.   Consequently, Mancora has turned into a bit of a tourist trap, with the main drag, along the Panamerican Highway, and the beachfront being lined with stalls hawking souvenirs and cheap bathing suits, and restaurants/drinking joints of dubious quality and salubriousness.

The community, nonetheless, has managed to keep hold of its fishing roots, and on the weekend we were in the area it was celebrating the Feast of Saint Peter, patron of fisherfolk.

As we strolled the beachfront looking for a place to eat -we were seeking some seco de chabelo, a regional dish- the townsfolk were holding a children's egg-in-the-spoon race on the beach while a small band belted out tunes.

The beachfront gazebo was crumbling, having clearly been undermined by waves at some not too distant past.  There was a sign warning people that it was not a suitable place for entertainment as it was too dangerous.  Of course that did not stop the band and emcee from setting up shop there, nor anyone else for that matter.

Eventually we ended our search for seco de chabelo at La Sirena de Juanchi, a restaurant on the main street, with  really ecclectic and fun decor, run by a lady from Lima who came to Mancora for a one-month stay nine years ago.

They did not serve seco de chabelo, but we did have some other really good food, including a tuna tiradito with balsamic vinegar.

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