Sunday, July 15, 2012


I know I've largely been posting about stuff from outside of Lima, but I've been hanging in the city for the past week.  I've been busy with family lunches, and the march last Thursday.

Today we had lunch at Jacho's place.  Carlita's mom came an brought us a bunch of rocotos rellenos -stuffed rocoto peppers, a specialty of the Arequipa region, where their family is from.  Jacho, Diego and I had, for our part, gone to the market in Jesus Maria for ingredients so that Diego could make a turmeric-flavored rice with pork and beans that he invented and had been requested by Jose and Willy.

It turned into a great meal (the rocotos were nice and spicy) enjoyed in good company.

Later on I hitched a ride with Jacho and made my first trip so far to a bookstore, so it was a good day from start to end.


Anonymous said...

Great blog uncle! :)


Juancho said...

Thanks, Ale!