Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Luncheon: My turn to cook!

Today, it was my turn to treat myself by cooking a big meal for the family - and, yeah, to show off a bit.

Usually we have at least one gathering at the apartment when we are here, and this time I used my birthday as an excuse to gather everyone here, even if it was two days after the date.

I decided for a Chinese buffet, and started cooking last night so I could get ahead on some things and lighten the load this morning.   That gave Diego and I time to to  the market in Jesus Maria for a few last-minute items -mainly a fresh halibut that I steamed in the oven with some vegetables and scallops.

I accompanied that with some steamed rice, fried rice with Chinese sausage, sauteed vegetables, red-cooked pork, soy sauce chicken, explosive pepper chicken wings,  steamed broccoli with mushrooms and oyster sauce, and beef slices cooked in a spicy broth.

As additional treats, Willy ventured back to the tea house in Chinatown this morning and arrived here with an armload of sweet shrimp buns, and black-bean and white-bean paste-filled buns.  For dessert, Marina brought her yummy rice pudding (arroz con leche), with an extra can of condensed milk for those who like it extra sweet!

Explosive pepper chicken wings

Red-cooked pork

Sauteed vegetables

Fried rice

Broccoli and mushrooms with oyster sauce
They must've liked it all, as every bit got eaten. 

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