Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Lima!

I got here without any problems or delays, which was great.  Unfortunately when I landed a bit after 11 pm, there were about 5 other flights -judging from the luggage carrousels going- that arrived at much the same time, making for a huge line through immigrations.  Fortunately I got a green light when I pressed the button at customs and was allowed through without my bags being searched.

The weather is surprisingly good for this time of year.  I awoke at 7:30 to sunlight streaming in and the sounds of songbirds and parrots carrying on in the trees below (being on the 13th story, the trees are below not above). 

The morning's remained sunny so far, even though there is some haze and a bit of a fog bank hanging off the coast.  Walking around downstairs, taking care of some errands and having a look around, it actually got kinda hot, what with the tropical sun shinning, even though the air itself is cool and refreshing.  It seems like spring instead of the midwinter that it actually is.

The Resi looks the same, as expected.  The only changes that I've noticed so far are that where the Mi Geon chifa used to be is a new restaurant called Agua y Manto -a play on the word aguaymanto, an Andean fruit similar to a gooseberry-, that the bakery that replaced the Apolo barbershop is gone and in its place is a restaurant -Casimiro- that has pretty much the same menu as Guido's but a better atmosphere, and that the Vivian pharmacy is gone and in its place is a pastry and baguette shop.

Nico's a bit under the weather, so we're taking it easy for now, and waiting to see what we might manage to do in the afternoon.

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