Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling better

In coming to Peru people tend to worry -and rightly- about intestinal problems, but we tend to forget that, as in the north, winter here is also flu season.    After being laid out for several days with a flu I've finally starting to feel human again.

We went with Willy this morning to take a handwoven Cusqueno blanket to be framed for the living room, and then spent the afternoon at his apartment chatting after a family lunch gathering.

As I write, it is Friday evening and we are sitting at home watching Peru's sub-20 female volleyball team play Egypt in the 2011 World Cup, and I'm chewing on BUK cough drops.

BUKs -or pastillas BUK, as we call them in Spanish- have a long history with our family, as our great-aunt Alicia -Mama Pali's sister- used to own the Dover pharmacy on Ave. Arenales, and she would give us a pack of BUKs as a treat whenever we visited her at the pharmacy.

Don't know what we'll do later, if anything, but we're looking forward to the weekend and to next week's trip to Arequipa.

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