Friday, August 6, 2010

Packing up

We're having a beautiful, sunny day.  It feels like spring here.

Jacho and I met at the Bodega de la Trattoria in San Isidro for lunch.   We ate on the patio in front of the restaurant and enjoyed the warm sunshine after so many cloudy, damp days.   Afterward I walked a few blocks over to Wong for some last-minute purchases.

I've just finished packing my suitcases for the trip back to the US and have about three hours to kill before I meet the cousins for dinner and drinks before heading to the airport tonight.

I forgot that I wanted to bring back a small amount of chicha de jora to see if I could use it as a starter to brew a batch of my own but I know the market stalls in Magdalena and Jesus Maria will likely be closed by this time of day.   Right now it doesn't seem worth the effort to go to the fair at the Campo de Marte to buy it...

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