Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One evening this past weekend, between sleeping like 16 hours a day due to my cold, I managed to join the gang for some sushi at Edo, down the street on Av. Salaverry.

It was a nice time, and the sushi was well done. It was different from US maki-sushi styles, but we found nothing out of the ordinary for Lima makis. Liz, Nico and I concluded that part of the issue was likely due to to having been in a group and letting my cousins order for the group, which eliminated part of what makes sushi fun - choosing tempting rolls and interesting ingredients for oneself.

Unfortunately, it was then back home and back to bed for me.

We may go back on our own later to give it a better try.

Edo Sushi Bar
Ave. Salaverry 3230
San Isidro - Lima

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