Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Machu Picchu GigaPan

Gigapans are wide-angle (in some cases 360-degree) collages of ultra-high resolution, high depth of field photographs.   A gigapan allows one to scan left and right, and sometimes up and down, in the stitched-together image and to zoom in on details to great depth (sometimes a mile or more away) and can be specially impressive when viewed at full-screen. hosts a number of these images, including this one of Machu Picchu:

It is well-worth checking out.    I, for instance, was rather tickled to be able to zoom in on and examine the ruins atop Waynapiqchu peak, as well as the Inti Punku -the Sun Gate- through which the Inca Trail enters the city, neither of which had I ever been able to observe with any detail, neither in person nor in any previous photograph or film.

When you get done with that one, you may decide you wish to check out Machu Picchu from atop Waynapiqchu.

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