Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well, it's been pretty quiet around here. Did some shopping for furniture the other day but found nothing worth getting. I did run out of change on that trip, however, and so had to duck into the local Ace Hardware affiliate "Maestro Home Center", to buy something so I could make change and get back home.

I bought the tickets to Ayacucho yesterday, so that's pretty exciting. Nico arrives today, and that's even more exciting!


Stuart said...

Bus or plane tickets?
I ask because Star Peru just reopened their route for $99 return.

Juancho said...

Bus, by Transportes Palomino/Expreso Wari. I've never travelled with that company, but it's been recommended and apparently has a newish fleet of buses. I actually don't mind the overnight bus ride, as I just go to sleep and wake up in Ayacucho.