Friday, July 10, 2009

July 8th: "National Day of Struggle" Rally in Downtown Lima

On July 8th the General Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CGTP), in conjunction with the National Front for Life and Sovereignty (Frente Nacional por la Vida y la Soberania) of which it is a part, called for a Day of Struggle, with a rally in downtown Lima and marches and rallies in other cities. This came in conjunction with a 72-hr ground transport strike which curtailed movement to a significant degree in Lima and other cities, and totally paralyzed Ayacucho on the 7th, and with 72-hr Andean and Amazonian strike.

The demands:

- Return to Peru of Alberto Pizango
- End to criminilization of social protest and to persecution of popular, social, and political leaders
- End to Legislative Decrees 982, 983, 988, and 989.
- Reinstatement of 7 suspended Nationalist Party congressmembers
- Force of law for International Labor Organization Convention 169 and for the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples
- Immediate resignation of the Cabinet
- End to the neoliberal and primary resource export-oriented economic policy
- End to the Public Education Career Law
- Solution to the demands of the transport unions
- Price controls on public services. Reduction in electrical fees.
- Increase in budget for social services, health, and education

Of course, most people were still compelled to go to work, and the government was quick to seize on that to call the mobilization a "failure" although being forced by the obvious to admit that transport was severely curtailed, despite it's own attempts to split the transport unions and its mobilization of state-owned buses and trains to move people about the capital.

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