Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday lunch

This morning I awoke late to the sound of church bells after a late night with my cousins. It being my birthday, I soon got ready as the family was heading to Lima's Chinatown for a celebratory lunch.

Based on recommendations from Danny and Liz, I opted for one of the more traditional Cantonese-Peruvian chifas on Calle Capon, the San Joy Lao. Coincidentally, it also happened that I had recently read about San Joy Lao in the news as it had won a prize for the best arroz chaufa (fried rice) in Lima.

Palmira, Willy, Toya, Marina, Juancho, Toti, Mito, Carla

We ordered a banquet deal for 8-11, and added a number of dishes as there were sixteen of us (we're always a large group). Danny and Liz's recommendation was right on, as the food was quite good and varied, though one thing I miss in Peruvian Chinese fare is the piquancy of Hunanese- and Sichuanese-influenced cuisine.

Pa Kap Sum
Squab, duck, pork and Chinese sausage, with crispy noodles to be wrapped in lettuce

Chi Jau Cay chicken

Cam Lu Wan Tan

At the end of the meal the waiters brought out a small boat with an effigy of a Chinese deity and a candle for me to blow out. They led the group in singing "Happy Birthday" in Cantonese, but my cousins changed the Cantonse lyrics to "cuchi senqa to you" which means "pig nose to you" in a mix of Quechua and English!

"Cuchi senqa tu yu ...!"

Rafaela, Carla, Palmira


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