Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Lima!

Got here without incident after on-time and uneventful flights. My brother was supposed to pick me up at the airport but he forgot to, so I caught a taxi home.

Getting home from the airport was no big deal. It's not like I don't know my way around or speak the language. I waited a bit just in case, remembering that these guys tend to allow 45 mins from plane landing to exit when figuring out when to be at the airport. Heck, even if Tono had come, I'd still have had to book a cab.

I didn't rent a phone at the airport, and started regretting it right away as I couldn't get ahold of anyone. Then I remembered that unlike the US, here there are actually pay phones everywhere, so I got ahold of Diego and Juancho, my cousins, and we coordinated our plans. Then I went to the nearby Metro supermarket and bought a phone at the kiosk there.

We met at the apartment and then went out to Gaston Acurio's newest venture, Panchita, a restaurant that specializes in anticuchos and other grilled meats. It was actually quite good, with a lot of attention paid to the decor, the service, and small details like the wait staff's uniforms, that made it an inviting and friendly place to eat, even though it was quite crowded -a 45 min wait, on a Tuesday night!

The waiting itself wasn't bad at all as the bar staff was quite skilled in mixing the house drinks, which contained some surprising ingredients -huacatay, for example, and even aji amarillo!

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