Friday, July 4, 2008

Minka Market

Minka is a huge market near the airport. It combines the small producer stall character of a usual market with the superabundance of a supermarket just because of its massive scale -though no supermarket can match it in sheer variety.

Minka is composed of several hangar-sized pavillions -one each for fruits, vegetables, dry goods, meats, seafood, housewares, and furniture- as well as a gym and a very nice food court. Incredibly, it is still growing, with addition in progress of one or two more pavillions and a large MacDonald's.

Shopping there is to expose oneself to vibrant sounds and color, to be amazed by the variety of products from all of Peru's 80 microclimates, and to an incredible landscape of scents: ripe papaya, earthy potatoes, fresh meat, chicken soup, Andean herbs. Wonderful.

In the vegetable pavillion

The vegetable pavillion

Purple corn for making chicha and pudding

Granadillas and prickly pears



In the fruit pavillion

In the meat pavillion

A chicken cut open to reveal the developing eggs,
showing it's a mature hen which are preferred for soups

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