Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Zen Sushi

Last night we met my cousin Juancho and my niece, Rafaela, at Zen Sushi Bar in San Isidro.

Lima is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the world's sushi meccas due to the quality, variety, and extreme freshness of the fish available, as well as the presence of skilled and creative itamaes (sushi chefs).

Zen impressed right of the bat from the entrance. Upon being seated, we were each served a complimentary snail cooked in teriyaki sauce.

We ordered a combination of four maki rolls, and the sashimi moriawase - a plate of 20 cuts of sashimi in a combination decided by the itamae. The sashimi included some nice cuts of tuna and octopus, as well as other fish, and we were all fighting over the last pieces. The sushi was very good. The kids declared it the best they'd had, although they found the California roll a bit standard. The definite winners of the evening were the two fusion makis we ordered: the encebichado and the rocoto maki. The former included lime-macerated fish and the roll was finished with a citrusy mayonais-like sauce. The rocoto maki included a rocoto-based sauce, which made the roll somewhat spicy.

Zen Sushi Bar
621 Av. Dos de Mayo
San Isidro, Lima

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