Friday, June 27, 2008

Jesús María

The city of Lima is divided into a number of districts, each with its own city hall, mayor, and budget. Of course, there is a mayor for the whole of the metropolitan area, but each district has some degree of independence within the system, and each is quite different from the others.

The district that we are part of is Jesús María. It is Bordered by the disctricts of Magdalena to the west, Lince to the south, Pueblo Libre to the north, and downtown Lima to the east. Jesús María is relatively young, having gained separate status as a district only in 1962. Until thenn it had been attached to the district of Lima, and large parts of the district was agricultural fields or olive groves within living memory.

The older and most characteristic parts of the district centers around the plaza next to the St. Joseph's church and the market, where life seems to move a bit slower than in more modern and upscale parts of the district.

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