Sunday, June 1, 2008

20 ... 19 ... 18 ...

The countdown starts. Before the end of the month I shall be back in Lima, this time with the kids, and will finally get some time to enjoy the apartment, simply living in it.

Even though there is still some furnishing to get done and some services to contract, the simple acts of waking up there, walking to the bodega for bread in the morning, fixing lunch ... to say that I'm looking forward to these would be vast understatement.


Anonymous said...

wish I were going as well. Trying to make it back for Carnival. Only been back from Peru 3 days, and am missing it already.


Carla Fajardo said...

Primate, me encanta tu blog, hoy me la pase leyendo y viendo todas las fotos de tu ultimo viaje. No sabes ademas de la nostalgia pro querer estar con ustedes se me hacia agua la boca con todos esos platos en todos esos restaurantes y comilonas familiares. te mando un beso grandote