Sunday, March 23, 2008

Puro Perú

On my first day back in Lima my cousins and I met their father, my uncle Willy, for lunch at newish buffet place, specializing in seafood dishes: Puro Perú in Barranco.

Like many other buffets here, it is a combination of buffet service and cooked-to-order dishes. The variety is simply incredible: from standard criollo dishes such as carapulcra, stuffed rocoto peppers, and causas, to cebiches, raw bar, and paella, to even sushi rolls and nigiri. The food was solidly good, though not necessarily better than you'd get ordering the same types of dishes à la carte elsewhere. The variety of dishes, freshness of the ingredients, and attentive service really make the difference.

Liz had eaten there in February and said that it was well worth a visit. I'd have to agree with that assessment as I'd happily return.

Puro Perú
Av. República de Panamá 258
Barranco - Lima

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