Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're in Lima!

Yes, indeed, we are here. It was a very uneventful flight, but we all agreed that we rather like TACA as an airline. The service was good, the snacks and drinks were frequent, and the flights were on time.

We met up with my parents in SFO and then in San Salvador, from where we took the same flight to Lima. Nico and I agreed that it was rather frustrating being in El Salvador , seeing it out the windows, and not being able to go and poke about. Nico and Susana in San Salvador airportAs it was, we were there less than an hour before reboarding the plane and thus only had enough time to grab a coffee.

San Salvador airport

My brother Toño was there to meet us at the Lima airport, and we caught a cab to San Felipe. I was rather surprised that it was basically raining in Lima, as you can appreciate from this photo taken along Av. Pershing, which runs along the western edge of the our neighborhood. It's not supposed to do that here.

Rain along Avenida Pershing
My aunts and uncles came over to the apartment later. (The apartment is on the next to last floor -the fourteenth- in the building you see in the title banner for this blog.)

We went out to dinner a 'El Corralito', which is a rotisserie chicken (pollo a la brasa) joint, which makes some of the best chicken, nicely spiced in the Peruvian style, accompanied by really tasty fries - in Peru potatoes do have a lot of flavour.

Later we retired to my cousins' apartment in the next building over. My uncle Willy, and my cousins Diego, José, Mito, and Juancho were there and after a while of chatting over some nice Argentine wines, the kids and Juancho got hungry, so some more pollo a la brasa was ordered. Naturally, this too was cleaned to the bone. Even Diego's puffball of a dog, Kafu, helped in this task.

It´s now a bit past one in the morning and I´m the last one up. It's pretty quiet, but we've already had one earthquake at about 12:30 am. No one even got out of bed.

The view from my bedroom

I took a bunch of video on the way from the airport, but it either didn't turn out or the software on Toño's computer isn't the right one to read it. It's late, so I'll worry about it tomorrow.

Good night.

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