Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Views from Old Huamanga

Church of San Cristóbal de Huamanga (1540)

The first church built in Huamanga. In its grounds are buried several of Francisco Pizarro's companions, including Pedro de Candia. The church is now roofless, and is used on extremely rare occasions.

Convent of Santa Teresa (1703)

This is still a functioning convent of cloistered Carmelite nuns. The church is open to the public and there is a small shop selling traditional confections made by the nuns, including a special sweet preserve of peppers and fruit unique to this convent.

Casa Jáuregui

One of the old bridges

Puka Cruz

Puka Cruz means "Red Cross" (puka = 'red' in Quechua, cruz = 'cross' in Spanish). Puka Cruz is one of the more traditional neighborhoods in Ayacucho and is home to many noted artisans and musicians. The cross is cleaned, freshly painted, and adorned on May 2-3, at the Feast of the Crosses.

Church of San Francisco de Paula (1713)

Templo de la Compañia (1605)

Built by the Jesuits and occupied by them until the Jesuit Expulsion of 1767.

Arco del Triunfo

The newcomer on the block, the arch was built in 1910 de commemorate the May 2nd, 18886, naval battle against Spanish forces attempting to retake their former colonies. It was remodeled for the centennial of the Battle of Ayacucho in 1924.

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