Monday, July 23, 2007

More Seafood

On the way back to Lima from San Bartolo we stopped at a roadside joint, the Restaurante "El Silencio", near the entrance to Señoritas beach. This brought back memories because Señoritas was a beach that we used to frequent during the summer of 1988 when Liz and I were living in Lima.

We used crowd into Willy's Wolkswagen bug, one on top of the other, for the 45 minute drive. There we'd spend the day in the water, coming out every 45 minutes or so to get something to drink or eat some choritos a la chalaca (mussels in the style of the port of Callao) at the beach stands.

Choritos a la chalaca

As it happens, a complimentary plate of choritos a la chalaca was one of the dishes we had the restaurant this weekend. The dish consists of boiled mussels, covered with a mixture of onion, rocoto peppers, corn kernels, and parsley, bathed in lime juice. It's sort of like a mini cebiche.

Jalea mixta

Among the other dishes we enjoyed were jalea mixta, which is a fried mixture of seafood with an onion, ají, and lime juice topping. In this case it was served with pieces of fried yuca.

Picante de mariscos

Juancho ordered a picante de mariscos, which is a mix of shellfish and seafood cooked in a spicy sauce. The word picante can mean "spicy" or can refer to spicy dishes with an ají-flavoured sauce or gravy. This was tasty, but could have used more heat.

Corvina a lo macho

I ordered corvina a lo macho, which is fillet of corvina (Sciaena gilberti) smothered in a spicy creamy seafood sauce. It was quite good, but again, the dish would have benefitted from more peppers.

Of course, we washed it down with the Incas' favorite:

Hostal Restaurant El Silencio
Antigua Panamericana Sur Km.43
Punta Hermosa - Perú
Telf. 2307136

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