Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kindergarten Parade

Near our building there is a small state-run preschool and kindergarten. Dan, Cristy, Sara, and I all attended it. It was abit smaller then, but since they grabbed up a public play space and sitting area (that round thing at the end) in 1991 they have been able to add a few more classrooms.

The building creeps Susana out because it has electrified wire running along the top to keep out thieves, and at night, when it is quieter, one can hear the wire making popping sounds as the electricity passes through it. I can understand the need for it for the building's roof would be very easy to get onto - I know, I used to climb it as a child.

Friday was the last day of school here before winter break, and as Independence Day is coming up on July 28th, the kindergarten had a parade, complete with a brass band.

Inside the school itself, after the parade, there was an opportunity to view projects that the students had colored for the occasion:

This image depicts José de San Martín, an Argentine general who crossed the Andes at the head of a liberation army, after helping free Argentina from Spanish colonial rule. After fighting in Chile, he moved the army north to Peru. Legend has it that while resting near the bay of Paracas, he saw a flock of flamingoes overhead and was given inspiration for the colors of the Peruvian flag by the birds' coloration.

San Martín proclaiming Peru's independece in the town of Huaura, on November 17th, 1820.

A second, more definitive, proclamation would late be made in Lima on July 28th, 1821.

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